Tackling the Gamer Identity Crisis

What is a “gamer”? Who are “gamers”? How does one quantify the extent to which a person is or is not a “gamer”?

All of these questions have contributed to the recent “Gamer Identity Crisis”. I dicuss these issues and the future of the “gamer” in a guest blog post for VG Researcher (it can also be seen on Gamasutra).

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ICA 2014

This year’s annual meeting of the International Communication Association will be taking place in Seattle at the end of May. I am excited to announce that this year I will be presenting two research articles, one at the Game Studies pre-conference and one in the Game Studies’ SIG of the main conference. I will also be co-presenting an additional article in the Game Studies’ SIG that I co-authored with Emese Domahidi. All of these projects focus on the social and psychological causes and consequences of online video game involvement. The abstracts of these projects/presentations are outlined…Continue reading »

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